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Amsterdam Zine Jam

A peak into the zine culture

Project background

Zine Jam is an event that takes place every year in different venues of Amsterdam. It is a celebration of self-publishing and DIY book-making. I was commissioned by non-profit organization ReKult to make short film about the event.

My role

I was given complete creative freedom to produce a video that would convey the quirky spirit of the zine scene. As a one man band I was in charge of the production and post-production processes.

Zine Jam 2014

A year after the first video was made, I was approached by the folks from ReKult to make another one. This time Zine Jam took place within the hallowed halls of Felix Meritis – building with a soul that deserves a documentary of its own. In this sequel video I focused a but more on the members of the ReKult group, but also did not forget about the artists from all over the world who came to showcase their zines.


Once the event was over and the doors were closed, we could finally breath out. After a few beers, the cleanup turned into an impromptu photo session with the ReKult group.

Technical details

Camera Panasonic GH4
Lens SLR Magic CINE 25mm f0.95, SLR Magic CINE 12mm f1.6
Sound Zoom H1, Rode Lavalier Microphone
Support Monopod, Shoulder Rig
Edit Adobe Premiere CC

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