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Business Bookers CRM

Snapshots of design work for internal CRM product

Project background

Customers of for Business are mostly companies that had established long-term relationship with to fullfill their travel needs. To make sure that this relationship was going well, our account managers needed an internal CRM tool. The requirements for this tool were rather specific which made adoption of existing solutions on the market not an option. It was decided to build the CRM tool internally.

My role

I conducted stakeholder interviews and produced initial high-level prototype. This prototype helped the team to cristalize product requirements, assess the scope of work, and to kick-off the development. At that point I was asked to focus on other projects outside of the team. About a year later I came back to fix the UX problems that had accumulated due to the absence of a designer in the team. Below are some snapshots of my design work for the product done between 2016 and 2018.




  • Senior Designer


Business Bookers

Concept prototype created early in the process.

Pipeline Redesign

One of the first things that needed improvent after I returned to the team was the Pipeline. It was no longer fillfilling user needs.

Pipeline page before redesign

It was really challenging to fit all lanes and other required information on one screen. To achieve this, I came up with a pattern of collapsible lanes. The page layout was fluid, so when the lanes were collapsed, remaining lanes took over the freed-up space.

Pipeline page after redesign

User Management

As any corporate of software, the CRM needed ability to manage users and their permissions. The UX protoype below demonstrates this functionality.

User management prototype created with Sketch and InVision.

System feedback improvement

Another point of improvement was the feebdack that the product was providing to user actions. It was hard to understand if the page was loading or broken. Success and error messages were also not handled well. Below is a prototype that aimed to improve this.

System messages prototype created in Principle.

Data Import

Another important feature for any CRM is ability to import data in bulk, because entering data about new leads manually is time consuming. Below is a UX prototype of this functionality.

Bulk data upload prototype created with Sketch and InVision.

Coming up next

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