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Business Bookers Portal

Design template for internal knowledge base

Project background

As Business Bookers grew from couple of development teams to a whole multifunctional department, the need for a unified knowledge base arised. The goal was to have a place where people could share knowledge through articles and comments, as well as submit tickets to different teams within the department.

My role

My role was to create design template for the Business Bookers portal and validate them with internal users. Below are the results of this work.




  • UX Designer


Business Bookers

Initial landing page design presented to the team. Cityscape illustration: Elena Snezhinskaya.

Final screens

The biggest feedback from the team was that the design had to be easily maintainable without designer’s involvement. For example, landing page icons looked pretty, but this wasn’t a scalable solution in the long run. We decided to uses colors instead of icons to differentiate sections.

Simplified landing page design
Inner pages of the portal: category pages, aticle page, and a ticket creation page.


To better present the design, I created prototype bringing all screens together.

Interactive prototype built in InVision

Coming up next for Business

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