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Ivan Babko

User Experience Designer

Hello there!

I'm a UX designer with 15 years of experience. I've played almost every role on the user experience spectrum and have worked both on consumer and enterprise products. Here's how I can help:

Research & design
I love helping users achieve their goals through well crafted products and features. My design process starts with stakeholder and user research and then continues through user flows and wireframes to detailed designs.
I love exploring design through prototyping. It’s exciting to bring designs to life, share them, and get feedback. Depending on the task, I use Figma, InVision, Principle, or plain HTML/CSS to build interactive prototypes.
Product management
My international career started in product management, and this influences my UX work to this day. I always take into account business goals and technical considerations. I know how to apply agile methods, manage backlogs, define requirements, and how to launch MVPs.
Video & photo
Creating videos and taking photos has been big part of my life since childhood. Today I'm applying these skills to communicate design and get everyone engaged in the process. I've produced a few videos for There is also a separate portfolio showcasing this part of my life.